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Issue Overview

Update: This application has been withdrawn by the applicant.

 Apple Health Society wants to convert the 138 E Pender St retail space for Medical Marijuana-Related Use (MMRU) retail. MMRU retail is highly debatable, but in this case this application violates the City of Vancouver’s bylaws and does not meet the Chinatown policy goals, and therefore should be rejected.

Apple Health Society's MMRU application was rejected and they are now appealing to the Board of Variance (BoV) for an exception so that they can open. The BoV hearing is on Nov 15 3:15pm at City Hall.

Sign up to speak before the meeting to tell the BoV that an MMRU is not culturally-appropriate on historic Pender. Show up to City Hall before 3:15pm to register in person to speak. To learn how the hearing works, visit here.

If you cannot speak, submit your comments to bov@vancouver.ca. For tips on what to write, see reasons and considerations below.

Why the appeal should be rejected

138 E Pender's MMRU application should be rejected because violates the following City bylaws for Medical Marijuana retail use:

City document here: http://council.vancouver.ca/20150624/documents/ptecbylaws.pdf#page=13

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This is how it violates the City of Vancouver bylaws:

  1. It is less than 300 meters away from Chinese Cultural Centre, which serves as an important Chinatown community space and Chinese school (violates 11.28.2(b))
  2. It is less than 300 meters away from the Carnegie Community Centre (violates 11.28.2(b))
  3. It is outside the prohibited area outlined for 11.28.2(c)

Other considerations:

  1. Will a Medical Marijuana retail shop will help achieve the goals of the City and community’s Chinatown Vision Directions (2002) policies of creating a culturally vibrant living neighbourhood for children, families, seniors, residents, and tourists?
  2. Will a Medical Marijuana retail shop help activate Chinatown’s streets especially on historic Pender?